Annual Report 2015

About Telstra

Our Business

Our Purpose

To create a brilliant connected future for everyone

To create A brilliant connected future For everyone
The brilliant connected future won’t happen on its own. It has to be created. Telstra can bring together the parts to create it. This is our aspiration for every one of our customers. And in every market in which we operate. We can only create such a future for everyone when enough people can access technologies that create social, economic and cultural change.


Our Vision

To be a world class technology company that empowers people to connect.


Our Strategy

Our strategy is focused on driving growth and creating long term shareholder value. It has three key pillars.

Our Strategic Priorities
Improve Customer Advocacy Drive Value from the Core Build New Growth Businesses
We’re dedicated to
improving customer service and creating advocates in all our customers.
We strive to deliver
customer and revenue growth, network leadership and productivity improvements
through simplifying our business.
We continue to look
for new opportunities in new geographies and in new business sectors.


Our Values

At Telstra, we have five values. Our values express what we stand for and are core to our business. As a values-led organisation, our values shape our people decisions and actions. They guide how we work together. We align everything we do with them.

Show you care Better together Trust each other to deliver Make the complex simple Find your courage


Who We Are

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Who we are
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Industry Context

Technology is changing our world and we are seeing profound change in the way people connect and communicate.

The telecommunications industry is dynamic and growing, with network traffic increasing rapidly and the continued evolution of IP based products and services. Twenty years ago there were less than 100 million mobile devices in the world. Today there are more than five billion. Globally, mobile data grew nearly 70 per cent in 2014[1].
Video now represents more than 50 per cent of all internet traffic. It is a time of enormous opportunity. We know that having the best network is going to matter to the next generation even more than it does to this one and Telstra is going to make sure they get it.

[1] Source – Cisco Visual Networking Index: Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast Update, 2014 -2019, White Paper, 2015


What We Do

We help customers connect to the people and things that matter most to them.

Telstra is Australia’s leading telecommunications company, offering a full range of communications services.
We believe the more connected people are, the more opportunities they have.
We aim to build technology and content solutions that are simple and easy to use.
We have built Australia’s largest national mobile network, with faster speeds in more places.
We strive to know and serve our customers better than anyone else offering a choice of not just digital connection, but digital content as well.
We actively seek out new growth opportunities and new technology in Australia and around the world, with our international presence spanning 20 countries, including a growing footprint in Asia.


Our Business

Providing a portfolio of Fixed voice, Data, Mobile, Media and value added products to customers nationally including Post and pre-paid mobile and mobile broadband, PSTN, ADSL, HFC, and NBN.
Serving Australian small to medium business as a trusted advisor, providing products and bundles including fixed, mobile, data and IP, business software applications and Networks Applications and Services (NAS).
Portfolio of media content and platforms including subscription TV, streaming video, music, and leading sport and news content across fixed and mobile connectivity.
eHealth solutions for primary care, aged and residential care, hospitals, radiology and pathology, pharmacy, Indigenous care and telemedicine.
Global Enterprise and Services
Serving our global enterprise and government customers with fully integrated end-to-end solutions and products, including: innovation, product development, telephony, mobile and data connectivity, IP networks and cloud. Licenses in Asia, Europe and the US.
Network Applications and Services, including: managed network services, collaboration, cloud, unified comms, security services and a range of software as a service solutions.
Responsible for the Telstra Software Group (TSG), focused on intelligent video solutions and muru-D®, a start-up accelerator program.
Australia’s leading supplier of wholesale telecommunications services across fixed, data and IP, mobiles, facilities access and NBN.
Responsible for the planning, design, engineering, construction, operation, maintenance, service installation and restoration of Telstra’s networks and information technology. The group is also responsible for the company’s innovation portfolio, encouraging company-wide innovation and creation of new service opportunities.