Annual Report 2015

Strategy and Performance

Improve customer advocacy

Improving customer advocacy remains our number one priority at Telstra.

The better our customers feel about Telstra, the more likely they are to recommend Telstra’s products and services.

Our advocacy strategy and programs address the key areas we need to improve across our product and service offerings for our customers.

Our employees strive to put the customer at the centre of everything they do. We want to be known for creating personalised experiences for every single customer, whether through one of our digital options, over the phone, in our stores, or with one of our field technicians at our customers’ homes or offices.

We recognise there is more to do to improve the experience our customers have with Telstra. Over the past year we have made good progress and introduced a number of initiatives and changes that demonstrate our commitment to caring for customers and improving value.


Highlights Improve Customer Advocacy

Listening to our customers

We recognise that listening to our customers is critical to continuously improving. We ask customers about their experience with us so that we can act on that feedback. We also know that our customers views on Telstra go beyond their direct experiences, so we also ask for feedback about us as a company. We use this feedback to help us work on the most important things to our customers.

Net Promoter System (NPS)

We use the Net Promoter System to measure how well we are serving our customers. This approach involves us surveying customers in three different ways: at the end of a conversation/contact with Telstra, at the end of a series of contacts (e.g. moving house) and via external market research.

On average, we receive over 30,000 surveys including 11,000 comments from our customers each day. We use this feedback to:

  • help our frontline teams learn how to improve their conversations with customers
  • improve our processes
  • improve our products and services

Our overall NPS score has improved by five points over the past 12 months.

Customer Check-In

This year, we invited millions of customers to come into one of our stores for an account health check, to make sure their services with us are supporting their lifestyle. Customers are telling us they really appreciate this check-in and being given the opportunity to adjust their plans to better suit their needs.

Case Study


Read the full Case Study below.
Check-In Case Study

Local Check-In invited customers to Come in and Check-in with us face-to-face at one of our 371 stores across Australia. As part of the program, our consultants reviewed customers accounts and gave them an account health check, making recommendations as to how they could get better value from Telstra. As part of Local Check-In, more than 460,000 customers connected with us across Australia during the last financial year. In parallel, we ran the Work in Store program, where more than 1,200 Telstra employees from different parts of the business spent a day working in a local store to help serve our customers and support our retail teams.

Personal service

All our front line teams are focused on getting it right for customers the first time and recovering quickly if something goes wrong. We are simplifying our approach to help customers get the best service experience possible.

  • First Contact Resolution – when our customers contact us we aim to get it right, on first contact.
  • Providing our name – when a consultant speaks with a customer, they provide their name and contact details so that the customer can follow up directly with them. On average, more than 67,000 customers per day are sent an email or SMS with the details of the consultant they spoke with. Customers who speak to consultants at our stores or through LiveChat are also provided with their consultant’s contact details.

Online services

Increasingly, our customers want to engage with us online. Over half of all customer service transactions with Telstra are now taking place through digital channels, with customers appreciating the convenience of self-service and having the right tools at their fingertips.

The Telstra 24×7® App and the My Account portal give our customers control over their services. The Telstra 24×7 App has around 2.3 million regular users, which demonstrates our customers’ increasing preference for managing their lives on the go. Using these tools, customers can manage their data, view and pay their bills, purchase new products or get help for products and services.

We are also seeing more than 8 million unique visitors to each month and 350,000 customers making use of our live chat sessions to ask questions of our consultants.

To better cater to the on the go preference of many of our customers, we relaunched to improve the digital experience, making it as user friendly on a mobile or tablet as it is from a large screen. Our focus is on offering choice and being where our customers want us to be, when they want to deal with us.


More value and confidence

We want our customers to enjoy using the services we offer with confidence. We recognise that customers are rapidly changing their habits. Similarly, new software and applications are changing the way people use our services. We are committed to providing our customers with more value and the confidence that they won’t encounter unexpected usage charges.

Extra Data and Real Time alerts

In May, Telstra launched Extra Data, giving eligible mobile customers the option to receive additional data in 1GB blocks when they reach their monthly data limit for a flat rate of $10 per block (or part block). The feature gives customers greater confidence and control over their data use.

Extra Data works with our industry leading, real time data alerts, to significantly reduce the chance of customers receiving unexpectedly high bills. We were the first to introduce real-time mobile data usage alerts for post-paid mobile customers in Australia. This service provides alerts to customers when they reach 50 per cent, 85 per cent and 100 per cent of their included monthly data allowance, to help them manage their data use.

Go Mobile plans

We launched new Go Mobile plans and Go Business Mobile plans for new customers and for customers who are changing plans, giving them more value with higher baseline data inclusions and more entertainment with bonus content subscriptions.

Data top ups

This year, 1.8 million consumer fixed broadband customers benefitted from data allowance top ups, as a permanent, free addition to their existing plans. Additionally, we at least doubled data allowances for most of our small business fixed broadband plans.

Mobile Protect

We launched Mobile Protect, a free service giving parents and carers the ability to closely monitor and manage the use of their household’s devices on our mobile network. The service allows site blocking, limiting periods of network connection, restricting calling and SMS, and setting up notifications of activity; with complete management of services through My Account and the Telstra 24×7 App.

Telstra Travel Pass

This year, we introduced the Telstra Travel Pass. Travel Passes allow customers to make and receive unlimited calls, send and receive unlimited text messages to standard numbers and browse the web using an included data allowance while abroad. Travel Passes are available for more than 40 popular holiday destinations.

Small and medium business benefits

We have made it easier for our small and medium business customers to work on the move, with a focus on mobility, applications and cloud. Our Go Business Mobile plans allow businesses to share data across eligible services on their account and use that data with a range of business applications.

Telstra Thanks®

The Telstra Thanks rewards program continues to grow in popularity with our customers, with special deals and offers for movies, live music and sporting events. Our customers have accessed more than 4.7 million tickets or experiences since the launch of the Telstra Thanks program in 2013.