Annual Report 2015

Strategy and Performance


Our vision is to make Telstra a world class technology company that empowers people to connect.

We remain committed to implementing our strategy, to improve advocacy among customers, to drive value from the core of our business, and to invest in and build new growth businesses.

Customer advocacy remains our first priority. We know we don’t always get it right, which is why we are focused on improving both our service interactions and the value we offer in our products and services. We will listen and respond to the feedback our customers provide and work on the things that are most important to them.

The telecommunications industry is changing, which in Australia includes the structural change of the industry as we transition to the NBN. Within this dynamic environment, we remain committed to improving the service we provide to our customers.

We operate in a competitive landscape and we will need to continually invest and improve to maintain our advantage. We are committed to maintaining our network leadership and the quality of services across our network, on which our customers rely. We want to offer superior experiences for what matters most to customers coverage, call and speed reliability, fewer drop outs and the reliable delivery of video.

Investment in our mobile network will be accelerated further, providing an additional half a billion for mobiles over the next two years. Over the three years to June 2017, we expect to have invested more than $5 billion into our leading mobile network.

We will continue to expand our 4G footprint to 99 per cent of the population, bringing coverage to more communities across rural and regional Australia.

Simplifying our business will remain a key focus.

Our focus on simplification, execution, and agility is critical for us in order to stay competitive and to make it easier for our customers to interact with us through all our channels, including on our digital platforms. Our simplification strategy is centred on driving customer advocacy, productivity, and organisational agility through simplified processes, products, systems and networks.

Growing our business in Asia and internationally is an important priority for the business and we will continue to leverage our core capabilities and look for new opportunities.

We will continue to build our NAS business, where profitability continues to improve, driven by portfolio growth, scalable standardised offerings and a global, lower cost delivery model.

We will also continue to identify and invest in key emerging trends and build on our growing portfolio of investments, including in Telstra Health, the Telstra Software Group and Telstra Ventures, to drive growth opportunities where long term shareholder value can be created.